High Performance Team-Building and Leadership Training
 Wilderness Wellness Seminars

Wilderness Wellness!
Effective Communication, Diversity Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Enhanced Trust, and Empowerment!

Through a series of adventurous and challenging outdoor activities, like Challenge Ropes Courses, Rock Climbing and Wilderness Adventures, you and your group will learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills that will take your organization to new levels of success.

Challenge Ropes Courses
• Multi-Sport Outdoor Adventures
• Rock Climbing and Rappelling
• Find the Gold!- Fun Pioneer Skills
• Chili Cook-Offs and Western Games
• Get on Target- Zen Archery
• Mindfulness Fly Fishing
• Customized indoor seminars designed to meet your needs
• Wilderness Wellness activities that integrate the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our holistic learning process helps groups to access their right-brain for creative problem solving, utilize their analytical left-brain for decisive decision making, complete physical movement activities which stimulates sensory integration, and lead from the heart in building effective team relationships.

New Leadership & Management Skills
• Teamwork, Motivation & Cooperation
• Increased Self Esteem & Confidence
• Problem Solving & Intuitive Insights
• Effective Techniques to Increase Creativity
• Powerful Personality Traits that Inspire Trust

We coach our clients in empowerment and team performance skills focusing on passion, purpose, and meaning utilizing activities that integrate the body, mind, and spirit to help you achieve your goals. Outcomes are then transferred back to work and personal life.

Other Programs Offered include:
Orienteering- Cross-country navigation with map and compass
Eco-Challenge Games- Leadership trek using task cards and natural obstacles
Wilderness Skills- Collaborative challenge activities and skill building
Mobile Rock Climbing Wall- Can travel to different sites for group challenge events
Snowshoe Challenge- Travel on the snow to work together to solve team challenges
Crisis Response Emergency Training- Business continuity planning, intervention training, and response scenarios
Team-Events with a Purpose- helping others through collaboration and team effort in support of community charities
Corporate Picnics and Event Packages!

Typical High Performance Team Outcomes:
♦ Higher levels of trust and confidence
♦ Participative leadership- empowered and empowering others
♦ Team bonding- a higher sense of unity within the group
♦ Enhanced communication skills- open and clear
♦ A deeper sense of purpose- motivated and passionately inspired
♦ Mutual accountability- promotes personal relationships and respect for individuals
♦ Innovative decision making- team approach to creativity in problem solving
♦ Aligned on purpose- common shared purpose and clear shared vision
♦ Task focused- individual accountability and ownership
♦ Conflicts managed well- freedom to express ideas and share opinions
♦ Responsive- partner with other teams, flexible, and focused on the customer

Challenge Ropes Course
The Challenge Ropes Course experience emphasizes the value of appropriate risk-taking, focus, and team support to create outstanding results. The activities allow participants to expand their comfort zones and acknowledge fears that may limit personal success. There is opportunity for each participant to play a role in each activity gaining valuable life skills and personal insights in dealing with change, stress management, personal growth, and enhanced relationships.

The high ropes course rises up to 40 feet off the ground in towering pines and cedars, providing a physical and emotional challenge. Instructors and fellow teammates provide support for each harnessed climber to experience the value of appropriate risk taking in a safe environment. The climbers and the ground team learn what is possible when courage overcomes fear and trust, support, and effective communication create high performance teamwork. Our “challenge by choice” philosophy supports each person to select the appropriate level of participation to stay involved in the program, engaged with their team, and consistent with their personal values.

Your company can also increase its team effectiveness while contributing to our Veterans Outreach Program by participating in our special "Team-Events with a Purpose" program! The FreeWheeling program gives teams an insightful learning opportunity in overcoming life’s obstacles while helping others through collaboration and team effort in support of disabled military Veterans. FreeWheeling is an experiential wheelchair donation, team-building, and fund development program designed to promote community collaboration, event sponsorship, and open participation for all while raising support for disabled Veterans and their families.