Emergency Preparedness
 Are you prepared?

Survive to Thrive is an emergency preparedness program focusing on public and business community education and training; assisting in the prevention, and recovery, from injuries and loss of life due to natural disasters. Includes distribution of free materials and sales of quality freeze-fried foods and 72 hour “Go-Bags” (gear).

We are excited to share these quality Thrive Life emergency products and Freeze Dried Food with you while also raising money to serve disabled military veterans and others in need.

Thrive Life products also help support the mission of our non-profit Wilderness Institute (1984 to the present)... "to provide wholistic adventure-based training and wilderness experiences that foster community building, promote interdependence, enhance self-efficacy, increase environmental sustainability, and inspire others to protect the Earth while improving our quality of life".

By providing nutritious food that is light weight, easy to use and store, and appropriate for light-weight wilderness travel, everyday use and emergencies, these Thrive Life products help us all to be more prepared.

Give the Gift of Preparedness to your loved ones, employees, families and neighbors!

The Malibu Chamber’s Emergency Preparedness Network committee endorses this Wilderness Institute's Emergency Survival Packs

Emergency Preparedness Kits and Freeze Dried Foods
To view emergency products available, visit the link: www.ThriveLife.com/WildernessInstitute

Also, click on the links below to see short videos on how to be prepared and utilize Emergency Pack (GoBag) contents with host, Brad Childs.

What's in the Bag? Video, Part 1: (Emergency Situational Awareness)

What's in the Bag? Video, Part 2:
(Signaling, First Aid, Sanitation)


What's in the Bag? Video, Part 3: (Tools, Water, Emergency Food, Shelter)


Wilderness Institute offers consulting and training in Crisis Management and Intervention and provides First Responder training scenarios. We also teach Backcountry Skills, Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Cooking and Lost & Found Outdoor Safety for youth and families.

We are a American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider for Wilderness First Aid/AED/CPR and Pet First Aid.

For more information contact Brad or Ciana at 818.483.6570